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Hyer Ground Rescue came into existence in 2021, driven by a heartfelt moment when a precious young puppy’s suffering due to neglect became impossible to ignore. The urge to make a difference was undeniable. My deep love for animals spurred me to take action.

At Hyer Ground Rescue, our purpose is to nurture a community that’s well-informed about recognizing and addressing animal cruelty and neglect. We’re here to lend our voice to the voiceless. Moreover, we collaborate closely with law enforcement and other animal welfare advocates to create a brighter future for our furry companions. It’s worth noting that the way we treat our animals is intricately woven with the fabric of our community’s harmony.

In simple terms: Education plus Advocacy equals the powerful Action that can transform lives.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Hyer Ground Rescue’s mission is to educate the public in identifying abuse or neglect of other sentient beings in order to improve the moral thread that binds our community as one.


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Why should the community be concerned about animal abuse prevention?

The well-being of animals reflects the values and empathy of a community. Preventing animal abuse creates a more compassionate society, improves overall community morale, and sets a positive example for future generations.

How can individuals make a difference in preventing animal abuse?

Every individual can play a crucial role by being vigilant, reporting suspicious activities, and supporting local animal shelters and advocacy groups. Awareness and action go hand in hand in creating a safer environment for animals.

How does preventing animal abuse impact the community's overall well-being?

A community that actively prevents animal abuse demonstrates its commitment to justice, kindness, and respect for all living beings. This positive atmosphere contributes to improved mental health, increased trust among neighbors, and a stronger sense of unity.

What are the benefits of collaborating with local animal advocacy organizations?

Local animal advocacy groups offer resources, education, and opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals. By collaborating, you amplify your impact and join a collective effort to create lasting change for animals in need.

Can community involvement in preventing animal abuse lead to broader social change?

Absolutely. The values practiced in preventing animal abuse extend to other aspects of society, fostering empathy, and reinforcing a culture of caring for the vulnerable. This, in turn, can influence positive changes in various social issues.

How does preventing animal abuse align with community values and ethics?

A community that values compassion, justice, and responsibility naturally opposes animal abuse. By actively participating in prevention efforts, community members uphold these principles and build a more ethical and caring environment.

What message does a community send when it comes together to prevent animal abuse?

A community that actively works to prevent animal abuse sends a powerful message of unity, compassion, and responsibility. It shows that everyone has a role in creating a safe and caring environment for all living beings.


Board Members

Jamie Hyer

Jamie Hyer


My most cherished achievement, one that forever warms my heart, is my daughter Belle. She, too, has devoted her life to championing the cause of farm animals, embodying the spirit of compassion that ignites my own actions.

While I have dedicated my professional life to the realm of healthcare, focusing on caring for the elderly and those with traumatic brain injuries as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner, my deepest passion lies in the realm of animal welfare.

The genesis of Hyer Ground Rescue traces back to a poignant moment in 2021, when I witnessed the heartbreaking fate of a beautiful young puppy ensnared by neglect. The call to action resonated within me, fueled by my unwavering affection for animals.

Hyer Ground Rescue’s purpose is to illuminate our community about recognizing and confronting animal cruelty and neglect. This is a mission I hold close to my heart. In our pursuit, we work hand in hand with law enforcement and fellow advocates, united in our goal of enhancing the well-being of animals. The ties that bind the treatment of our animals to the fabric of community harmony are undeniable, forming a direct link that underscores our mission’s significance.

Deborah Tuttle

Deborah Tuttle

Co Founder

When I joined Hyer Ground Rescue is was because I wanted to help companion animals be treated with the care and compassion they deserve. So many times through social media when I came across a case of  severe neglect and abuse I felt helpless to make a difference. Instead of feeling frustrated by this, I decided to focus on what I could do.  Initially I started to raise food and supplies for the animals of Columbia and Greene County. This was through a gathering called Paws, Claws and Hooves. Throughout nine years, we did just that. We raised thousands of pounds of food and supplies and had fun doing it too. Yet, even though that helped the pet foodbanks, I wanted to do something more.

 Fast forward to today, I joined Hyer Ground Rescue. We take a bit of a different approach to animal welfare. We want to affect change regarding current animal cruelty laws, help rescues with connections and resources, educate our community in identifying an abuse situation, as well as help our community with food pantries  and spay and neuter needs. We run into roadblocks, experience set-backs and challenges, yet that’s just part of the process.  These situations just fuel my passion to be the best “Kahu”  that I can be. That means to be the best guardian, steward, and entrusted protector of sentient beings.

We are all new to this, yet with each step I become more convinced that I are on the right path.